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Pricing – Custom RC Paint

Because of the nature of custom painting and airbrushing the following costs can change depending on different variables associated with each custom paint job. Generally speaking custom work requires custom pricing. You can use the following prices and information though to get a fairly accurate idea of what your custom painted RC body is going to cost you.

Prices start at $80.00 and go up from there. These prices do not include the cost of your body, nor do they include the cost of shipping.

These prices include basic up to 3 color designs, including pinstripes if applicable. These prices are a baseline that should give an idea of what your project is going to cost.

1/10 scale buggy bodies $80.00

1/10 scale truck bodies $85.00 (Stampede, Monster Beetle, ……)

1/8 scale buggy bodies $85.00

1/8 scale truggy bodies $95.00

1/10  scale short course truck bodies $110 (traditional short course trucks, 1/10 scale sct’s are in reality 1/8)

1/5 scale truck bodies $200

190mm & 200mm pan, or drift car bodies $90

The above prices do not include logo’s, or other intensive custom paint work that requires excess masking and also designs that will require computer layout and custom computer cut masks. If your project requires us to design, vectorize and then custom cut masks there will be an additional hourly charge. Also designs that require heavy masking, like checkered flags will cost more complete.

We work on a 100% up front basis with absolutely no exceptions! We will not start any job until 100% payment is made to us.

If your ready to get started you can text your order details to 570-550-7794